Accessories - 18650 Battery Wrap

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Batteries should always be in a good condition and have their wraps intact.

A battery can be dangerous and cause a short if the wrap on the battery is torn or damaged in any way. As a result of a direct short the battery can overheat, vent or even explode. When a battery explodes it emits a great amount of force and can cause harm to any object or person close to it.

Be safe and keep your battery wraps in good condition!

I recommend that you also carry your batteries in a battery case. Don’t carry exposed batteries in your pockets or in a bag because they could short against one another. Batteries can also short against any other objects that pass electricity such as metal objects.

Battery Case


You need the following things for your battery wrapping:

  • Existing batteries to rewrap.
  • Battery wraps. Pre-cut or strips.
  • Scissors for taking existing wraps off.
  • Heat gun or hairdryer

Get battery wraps from your online vape shop or local vape shop. They should stock them.


Rewrapping batteries is quick and easy!

Here are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Take the wraps of the existing batteries
  2. Put the new wraps around the batteries
  3. Using a heat gun or hairdryer, shrink the new wraps onto the batteries.

For more details, watch the battery wrap tutorial video below.

Do not put the new battery wraps over the existing wraps. The wraps are a specific thickness to ensure efficient heat dissipation so if you put a wrap over an existing one, you may reduce the amount of heat that a battery can get rid of therefore making it dangerous.