Golisi 02 Charger

by Golisi
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Golisi 02 Charger

This GOLISI O2 Charger is an economic and practical charger that converts high electricity voltage into suitable voltage for battery charging.

Its non button design means it is easy to use and automatically distributes current to each cell.

A military grade loading spring that has a 100k cycle life ensures it is long lasting and that it can charge a vast range of battery types.



Military Grade Loading Spring: 100K Cycle Life
Manufactured From High Quality ABS+ PC Fire Proof Materials
Compatible Battery Types: 18650, 26650, 20700, 21700 AAA, AA & Others 32mm-70mm In Length
Smart Temperature Regulation & Protection
Built-In USB Output That Can Be Used As A Fast Charging Power Bank
2A Lightning Fast Charging
Reverse Polarity Prevention