The Hundies Collection By Flawless 6 x 10ml

by Flawless
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The Hundies Collection By Flawless 6 x 10ml  - 3mg

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  • $5: Juicy Peach, Strawberries topped with a zing Lime, Raspberry, Pineapple and Orange sherbet
  • $10: The freshest, softest Strawberry flavor candy you'll love.
  • $20: Amazing crust of crushed graham cracker cookies with soft fresh cream cheese center topped with luscious sun kissed strawberries drizzled with fruit sauce.
  • $50: Soft candy coated with sweet and sour sugar.
  • $100: Utterly delicious combination of fruity cereal circles with a bright and delectable vanilla bean ice cream. Done with cereal and milk? Up your game 100% with cereal and ice cream.